The main SEED4C idea is to evolve from a security in the cloud (with isolated point of enforcement for security, the state of the art) to security of the cloud (with cooperative point of enforcement for security).

This project value proposition of cooperative points of enforcement of security is proposed under the concept of Network of Secure elements (NoSEs).


NoSEs are made of individual secure elements attached to computers, user or network appliances and possibly pre-provisioned with initial secret keys. They can establish security associations, communicate together to setup a trusted network of computers and propagate security conditions centrally defined to a group of machines.

NoSEs have plenty of uses and can be present in a myriad of domains, as it can be extracted from the different use cases presented in the project: critical and governmental high protection services on airports and eGovernment services (SaaS); identities and policies management, security audits and assurance and virtual private data centres as repository for collaboration (PaaS); NoSE enhanced access device (IaaS). The project will study the impact of NoSEs upon the different layers of the architecture, from hardware to service in order to define how the trust can be propagated from the lower layers to the upper ones. Likewise, benefits of NoSEs will be analysed in the aforementioned use cases.